LA Vintage's roots are in sourcing and selling vintage clothing. Started
in 2019, the brand was born from our love of shopping vintage.

Feeling good about the clothing we were purchasing (and selling) was always important to us, right from the get-go.

When we decided to launch our own apparel, we wanted to make sure it aligned as best it possibly could with the principles of purchasing second hand.

The longer life you can give a piece of clothing, the better it is for the planet. With this in mind, we worked directly with our fabric mills to replicate the quality of vintage fabrics.

Our branded clothing is vintage inspired and made to last, for the next generation of vintage lovers.


Re-Love And Recycle Classic Vintage Clothing

Buying recycled clothing fights fast fashion, and that's because you're reusing stuff that's already available, instead of making more. By choosing to shop at vintage clothing stores you’re helping to make a difference.

The world now consumes an estimated 80 billion pieces of new clothing per year. That is almost 400% more than what was consumed just two decades ago taking a big toll on the environment.

Vintage Clothing

LA Vintage takes the very best of vintage American fashion and makes it readily available right throughout New Zealand and Australia making finding great vintage clothing easy.

Thousands of pieces have been recycled and given a second life through our New Zealand owned and operated business. Each piece is hand-picked in LA and made available through our online vintage clothing store and retail outlets.

The Home Of Vintage Clothing In Christchurch

In April 2021, we proudly opened the doors of our first dedicated LA Vintage store. Now there is an easy destination for the vintage clothing Christchurch locals are looking for.

Our partnership with Stirling Sports stores continues – making LA Vintage clothing available throughout New Zealand.

We Also Have The Vintage Clothing Auckland Locals Love

From humble beginnings, you will now find LA Vintage clothing in stores throughout the North and South Islands. We also offer next day delivery to urban New Zealand addresses. Right throughout the country, you will find stores that stock our range of vintage clothing. Auckland to Whakatane, Porirua to Whangārei, and everywhere in between.

In addition to the stores offering our vintage clothing in Auckland NZ, you will also find outlets in Wellington, Dunedin, Invercargill, and, of course, our new flagship store in Christchurch.